What is Rockchain

Rockchain is building a privacy-centric decentralized network for data processing, while keeping all private data local. It enables logical rules on private data for blockchain distributed applications, data collaboration orchestration and machine learning on private data.

The emergence of Blockchain platforms as scripting engine led to the choice dilemma between private and public blockchain for companies. Companies where could not easily integrate their data on public blockchain, because of the lack of privacy and the impossibility to manage data access rights easily. The Rockchain infrastructure is solving the private public Blockchain dilemma. Rockchain is achieving this with two core features:

  • An access rights orchestrator managing rights on peer to peer node connections;
  • A script engine that can perform computation on private data without compromising the data privacy.

How it works

Rockchain connects to what we call “FactMap nodes”, which are computers inside corporate networks, to perform any data aggregation or computation logic. Rockchain can preserve data privacy if required by the FactMap node owner, and in that case, the data will never leave the node. The Rockchain distributed engine is a stratified set of computation components defined in cryptographically proven layers, such as in the Docker 1.10 Union File System. The Rockchain script engine is a distributed javascript engine.

ICO characteristics

Rate: 1 ETH = 1 000 ROK
Min cap: 18 000 ETH
Max cap: 100 000 ETH


Nov 01 2017


08:00 PM UTC

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