What is Mobius

Mobius is an infrastructure that aims to integrate the blockchain ecosystem into apps. They define themselves as the Stripe for the blockchain by bringing a new Universal Proof of Stake Oracle Protocol.

“Mobius connects any app, device, and data stream to the blockchain ecosystem. Our simple and easy to use bidirectional API allows non-blockchain developers to easily connect resources to smart contracts and more. The Mobius MVP acts like Stripe for Blockchain by introducing innovative standards for cross-blockchain login, payment, smart contract management, and oracles. The Mobius Universal Proof of Stake Oracle Protocol facilitates smart markets. This opens the door for the decentralized commerce of tomorrow where machine to machine (M2M) micropayments trade real world data.”


  • Mobius protocol is exponentially cheaper than 99.9% of tokens in existence. For every $1.00 spent Mobius can transfer 400,000+ transactions ($0.0000025 per data transfer).
  • Built from the ground up with limited attack surface, Mobius offers robust security with extremely low attack surface. This makes the smart contracting capabilities significantly safer from adversarial attack and much easier to audit.
  • The Mobius protocol is made to scale and supports consumer facing apps for blockchain commerce today. Our live DApp Store allows companies to accept blockchain payments with over 1,000 TPS (transactions per second). Compare this to the on 7-14 TPS of Ethereum and all other ERC20 tokens.

Why it is interesting

  • Big names in the advisors (Jed McCaleb from Ripple and Stellar, Chandler Guo, Jackson Palmer from Dogecoin).
  • Roadmap already advanced.
  • High hard cap (~40M $USD) but high hype too.


Jan 18 2018 - Jan 19 2018


08:00 AM UTC

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