What is Legolas

Legolas is a decentralized exchange which proposes a “new decentralized blockchain protocol that guarantees full transparency and prevents front-running and market manipulation”.

“Legolas combines features of both centralized and decentralized architectures in order to exploit the best of both worlds: fiat support, strong authentication, simplicity, as well as transparency and fairness. At Legolas you control your own coins because no one else should be able to spend your coins without your signature. […] This unique partnership with Makor ensures scalable, reliable, fast and secure large fiat deposits and withdrawals.”

Why it is interesting

  • A serious ICO about a decentralized exchange is most likely a very lucrative opportunity.
  • The product is appealing since it builds upon what is missing in the current offer.
  • Good team and good hype.
  • Partnership with Makor.
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Feb 01 2018


08:00 AM UTC

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